Just some of our favourite integrations that help make BadgerCommerce the future of eCommerce.

Bootstrap Logo

We use Bootstrap as a widely recognised mobile-first, accessible, HTML5 front-end component library. Allowing you to get up and running with an existing template or develop your own.

Stripe Logo

We became a Stripe partner to ensure our transactions are secure, and customer data stays safe.

Codacy Logo

We take pride in our work and believe all code should be fit for purpose. That's why we use Codacy to ensure the quality of each release.

Savvy Logo

We've built the integration to Savvy Giftcards, so you don't have to

Clarifai Logo

We use Clarifai Predict to enhance images with AI generated keywords, enriching product data on demand.

Codeship Logo

We use codeship to help us build, test, and ship our code. Saving time whilst ensuring adherance to our release process.